Can I just say, writing a Tinder profile, or any kind of prose where you have to talk about yourself/make yourself sound appealing to the opposite sex is a total bloody minefield !

Just before I start wittering on about myself and my escapades I think its important to talk about Tinder and online dating generally- where do you bloody start?

  • Be honest! DO NOT LIE on your profile about ANYTHING; height, age, likes dislikes. You will get caught out at some point eg: My passions include going to the gym= LIE. I am 6ft and a size 8=LIE. I lead a clean, green, organic life and am contemplating becoming a vegan=LIE
  • Photos; make these recent people! If you’re a little chunkier, your hair is slightly thinner, you have no teeth left and you rock up to a date and they are expecting one thing you WILL be a disappointment. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Love yo’self; show yourself some respect. Men, no shirtless photos, pics of poor sedated tigers or you rock climbing with your rippling abs! Ladies; no bikini pics, boobs out or pouting selfies. Be natural, authentic and yourself.
  • The actual profile; please write something, if you don’t it looks like you want a quick shag. An abridged version of war and peace is also a huge turn off. Just a couple of bullet points about you, your likes and what you’re looking for is FAB.
  • Swiping; take some time doing this. Don’t be too shallow. Think about your objectives; do you want to get laid, find a husband or take it easy and see how things go; this will affect the speed at which you swipe and time you spend on online dating sites.
  • Have fun! But be safe! Don’t give too much info, dodgy pics etc. Keep yourself safe and when you go on your dates tell people where you are going/who you are with.




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