Coffee, Two Sugars.

After much swiping, left and right (on occasion) I landed myself a date with my first potential eligible bachelor. A dreamer. Having recently returned from his travels abroad, he had recently secured himself a role working for a well-known London transport service provider. Degree educated (this MDP is a real snob and this is a prerequisite for any date) and with a good sense of humour we had been chatting for a week or so before he asked me on my first Tinder date, a coffee. Always a safe bet and it gave us both the opportunity to run for the hills after as long as it takes to gulp down a steaming cup of chai! 

I met him in Central London. We met and walked to a well-known coffee chain and ordered our respective drinks (I bought my own as I’m also a VERY independent MDP). After grabbing said coffee, we settled ourselves in one of the few green areas available to us and got chatting. About life, work, travelling. He spoke slowly- too slowly! He had the energy levels of a tortoise. In fairness he had a lovely face and body (he stood a little over 6ft) and he was dressed to perfection, white shirt and chinos. I’m pretty shallow (like most people, although we all hate to admit it) and so I thought he was a catch. We parted ways a little over an hour after meeting. The conversation was slow (too slow) and he spoke about himself for most of it. How much he had loved travelling, his adventures, his friends and his passions. I think I was asked three questions; How was I? What did I do for work? Was I free next week? (NO!)

On the Saturday evening I received a message; he was going travelling again and just wanted to “hang out” aka sleep with me until next summer. As delightful an offer as that sounded I politely declined. What a disappointing end to a disappointing first date.


Please understand at this point I am not looking for a husband but like most people out there I didn’t fancy being someone’s slam piece for the next 10 months! On your bike buddy!

Uber rating:2!

Your MDP 



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