Said you might trick me once, I won’t let you trick me twice.

Sorry to hark back to an earlier post, but you know when I talked about lying on your profile and NOT to do it…. this guy did about 2 keys things; his age and his job. No1 he was 21 and not 27 and definitely wasn’t in Financial Services as he is a student (Masters) but still.

This was the most frustrating date I have been on so far because no one likes a liar and we got on so well. I’m sorry to get too “deep” but if I am looking for a MDPC I need him to be honest and I need to be able to trust him.

We met near Covent Garden and decided to grab a drink. This one drink turned into 4/5 drinks and by my 4th drink I was feeling less than sober (note to all: do not get drunk on the first date). I feel like this massively skewed my judgement and before I knew it I had invited this date back to mine and we were in the back of a cab.

The long and the short of it is he ended up at mine, we had a “good time” and did “stuff”, “fun stuff” but did not sleep together (just making this VERY clear).

Ultimately this date taught me a lot; age is just a number, do not drink on the first date and go home alone!

Uber rating: 3.5 (lovely guy just not right for me and he tricked me- not cool!)



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