I knew you were trouble when you walked in.

thumbnail_design-2So I’m just putting this out there, everyone has a “go to”. Be it a person, an action or a go to song after becoming recently single. I have all three; a guy,  I always buy new underwear and I have a fav song.

I’m writing about my “go to” because we have known each other for over 7 years. It works when we are together but it is purely sexual, it could never be anything more because he isn’t emotionally available and he comes with some baggage. I don’t need or want that in my life. Funnily enough after a few weeks with my “go to” I knew I couldn’t keep doing this. So we have both decided that’s it now over for good. Its sort of sad because its an end of an era!

The standard routine is him being at mine from 8pm, there was nothing ever of substance. No dinners, no dates and no drinks just straight to the wire, fueled by pure unadulterated lust. We have even rented hotel rooms before!

I’m writing about this because I feel like a lot of women feel they cant have this option and you totally can! Its great and for me is a real confidence booster. You can be sexually and emotionally free, this person you could have known for years or even one night (of course always be safe!)  So have fun but as soon as you feel the emotions take over then personally I would cut it loose, if you know it cant work LT.

Uber rating: 4.5 *he is AMAZING in bed-haha!*





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