Milk Tray !

At this point in my dating life, I’m hoping something substantive will happen, like a second date, so when Mr Tall, Dark (obvs) and handsome strolled into  a well known bar in East London I thought I had hit the jackpot. We had been chatting for just over a week and he made the plans.

I arrived first, settled myself at the bar, drink in hand and thought I looked uber cool….he strolled round the corner and quite frankly I lost my s**t; my palms started sweating, I stumbled a very awkward hello and knocked my bag off the seat next to me in the process. So far, not so good. He was dressed in a wonderful suit and any woman knows what a man in a well dressed suit can do to a girl! DING DONG!

Conversation flowed easily, we started with a “how was your day”, “nice to meet you intro”- so far so good. Then he suggested we play a  game, essentially 21 Questions, in order to get to know each other quickly, on a very basic level. The game was simple enough he asked me which I preferred out of two things (and I am talking VERY simple things), eg beach/city? Coke/Lemonade? etc. It was a good icebreaker (clearly he has done this a lot before) and in no time at all we were in fits of laughter. At this point I should mention drinks were 2 for 1 as we had arrived right after work on a Thursday evening. At this point I was 4 drinks in….

…..he then took my hand from across the table (physical contact, my palms were going into overdrive) … we kept playing the 21 Questions game (we must have asked each other 50 or more silly questions at this time). Next thing we know little-miss-party girl over here is suggesting we get shots, he is on-board. At this point i’m midway between tipsy and smashed and I’m questioning the next move- are we just going to sleep together or could we be going on date two? My next move would decide this. So naturally, we got our coats and left. Not before snogging like teenagers at the bar. We said our goodbyes…..

…the following morning! We even commuted to work together and had coffee in a Centrally based Square, clearly he is an excellent judge of character.

FYI that night we just spooned!

Your MDP




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