8 pack 

It’s Wednesday-hump day. my mood has plummeted knowing I am only half way through my working week. BRING ON FRIDAY. So when the 8 pack requests the pleasure of your MDPs company that Friday, I willingly accepted!

Fresh face of makeup applied and an extra spritz of Chanel No5 applied, this MDP was ready for a glass of alcohol! We met near work and as I approached him  my heart started to sink- this guy looked short. As I strolled towards him my heart actually stopped-screw his height, just LOOK at him; the body of an actual god, he was toned within an inch of his life-delicious (I am SUCH a predator #sorrynotsorry) and on closer inspection he was the same height.

His credentials:



Best feature-the 8 pack!!!

We went to a local bar, think low lighting, even lower seating and cocktails in paint tins (edgy!). It was also a Friday evening so it was packed! After 30mins we triumphantly settled ourselves in a cramped corner of the bar and started talking. We chatted for ages, about music, work, life etc. Conversation flowed so easily. As the drinks/paint tins kept flowing, he got closer and closer to me. Hand around waist, hands around hips, hands on bottom (yikes!). Things were 100% heating up and the chemistry was electric. More chatting. More hands around my waist. Then dancing- my oh my this guy had moves and guns (did I mention the gun show going on?)

My mind started too race, did I make the call?

YES!!!! So, 8 pack came home with me and I am not even remotely sorry that I took a guy home on the first date. The guy has an 8 pack of dreams ! He was quite frankly exhausting. He left the following day at around 11am, after we grabbed breakfast.

Good news is we have a second date booked for next Friday.

Lesson learned, live in the moment  (provided you feel safe and comfortable).

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