Life Lessons

Hi All,

This post may not be as light-hearted as my usual musings, that is because I have taken a break from Tinder/Bumble/Happn/POF (YES I AM ON THEM ALL) to really reflect on what it is that I am trying to achieve here. Is it material for blog? Am I trying to meet my future husband? Or am I indeed just enjoying the thrill of the chase?

I suspect, in my heart of hearts, I know the answer to this. For me I am truly trying to meet a guy that I can connect with as a friend, lover and future knight in shining armour. At this point, I have realised, through all of these funny but pointless dates that I haven’t truly connected with any of these men. I think, in part, this is because I haven’t allowed myself, or them, the time to get to know them. My first lesson; know your objective.


My second lesson; love yourself. Through all these dates, one-night-stands and general meetings I have realised how important it is to love yourself. At work I am surrounded by strong women, all of whom have met their ‘Mr Rights’. When I look at them I know instantly why they have and I haven’t , it is in the way they hold themselves and present themselves to others. They have an outward confidence, they stand as tall as their frames will allow. Above all else, they know who they are and they love themselves. They do this either by shopping, always for themselves, never to please their husbands/boyfriends, or eating healthily or spending time with family and friends. I myself realise I had neglected to do all of the above. Sure, I still like a cheeky Jaffa Cake with a  cup of tea, and I buy clothes because they are in fashion, rather than because they suit me but I am truly starting to love myself. I have spent more time with my family and friends, and they make me happy. Heck, I even got a new haircut and highlights! I can visibly see and feel myself glowing more and more.

Lesson 3: take your time.  If you want to meet Mr Right and not Mr Right Now, then you will need time and patience. He will not  magically appear walking around the corner one day or riding a white horse (thanks Hollywood for making all us ladies delusional!)

So yes, I am taking a break from the dating BUT I have more info to share as I have been learning how to date…..

….More on that soon

Your MDP xx

PS this is one of my FAVOURITE songs!

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