The Cheshire Cat

So at this point in the game I have some serious questions: Why am I doing this? How did I get to be the saddo on a Wednesday night seeking my modern day Prince Charming in a bar sipping 2-for-1 cocktails? Will this ever end? Do I even fancy the guy walking towards me? 

I don’t have the answers to any of those questions, aside from the last one, and the answer is NO! Another fucker who has lied about his height. I’m sorry to sound so shallow but from my previous posts you know this is a deal breaker for me.  So as the Cheshire Cat sits down next to me, actually really close, far to close to me-mate you at invading my personal space and we just met. I sit awkwardly and uncomfortably wishing he would move a good metre away from me. One thing I have learnt about myself through this process is that I am not a tactile person or someone who likes their own personal zone invaded (not really ideal is it!) 

I knew this wasn’t going to go anywhere so I had three options; I could leave, I could get blind drunk and pretend I was having a nice time or I could be honest. 

I went for option 3! I said to the Cheshire Cat he was in my personal space, I was sick of dating and I asked what I was doing there. He didn’t know the answer-poor guy! But then something amazing happened and before I knew it we had moved onto a sofa and he had nicknamed himself “the shrink”. He said to chat to him and talk him through what was going on. I asked him what was wrong with me and got a bit emosh and do you know what ….it’s the best £20 (drinks) I have ever spent. He listened, chatted through things and smiled (a lot). We both know it wasn’t going anywhere but he gave me hope. Hope that there are nice, funny men out there. For someone else he will be the perfect man. He was lovely but not right for this MDP. 

So as we swayed and made our exit out of the bar, way past my bedtime, we air kissed and both walked off into the night, in separate directions. Whilst I haven’t found my Prince Charming, I have found some hope and positivity in this cold dating world. 

Ps he had the best teeth and biggest smile! 

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