Breton stripes 

Howdy !

So as you can probably imagine I am feeling pretty drained by this dating cycle (I mean I should have met the one already god dammit!) but like a real trooper it’s time for me to soldier on. So I agreed to meet Breton; 6.0, 27, Property Developer.

His profile was pretty basic I can’t lie. I think maybe two lines but he didn’t come across as though he was crazy, high maintenance or odd in any way. So your MDP agreed to meet him near her house at an outdoor bar, complete with the cheapest cocktails in S.London and pretty twinkly fairy lights. We agreed to meet after work, namely because I couldn’t be bothered to reapply my makeup or get changed (talk about a negative approach!). We agreed to meet at 6.30pm and given my recent experiences I figured if he was even a minute late I would be gone. Luckily he was only 48seconds behind time -I know I am a tricky soul!

First impressions: what a nice welcoming face and fabulous smile BUT HOLD THE PHONE …. 6ft …not so much! So we were the same height but you know I am a heightist date. Internally I savoured some advice given to me by another MDP “relax and stop being so judgemental”. So that is exactly what I did. I stopped looking at his height and really listened to him, who he was, what he did for fun and what made him tick. In turn, he asked me thoughtful, funny and engaging questions and listened to my responses. So far so good. Also, we had cocktails and he didn’t eat the garnishes, slurp the contents or lick the glass (see the herbivore!). Rather awkwardly we basically wore the same outfit; black jeans a Breton top and it looked ridiculous! By 10pm I had stopped caring and only marginally over shared – who was I becoming? Was I actually enjoying myself ….yes I bloody was. Nothing shy of a miracle! At 11pm we called it a night.

Lesson learnt: chill the hell out and you may actually have a bloody good time! Height and matching outfits aside I had actually enjoyed hours (4 to be precise) of a strangers company and wanted to spend more hours chatting to him. The other thing he did which I liked is suggested a second date and offered to organise it (hallelujah !!!!)- guys if you like a woman lock her down and secure date 2!

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