City boys 

Okay, so on paper your MDP was totally right about this one; city banker, 6ft, 30 yrs old and the deepest shade of mahogany. The reality regretfully was somewhat different; 5ft9, 31yrs old and very bad teeth (NOPE). The good news is I was optimistic, if a little soggy when I arrived (wet weather and no umbrella =afro on fleek!) 

I arrived early, and luckily so did he. Punctual-I like that! Dressed immaculately in a navy suit with bottle green tie and a crisp white shirt I thought I had struck the jackpot. We went to a swanky bar in central London with views overlooking the Thames -dreamy! 

We both ordered a drink each and then the conversation started and he was boring AF! Poor guy. A lot going for him and he had clearly done well for himself in life but I realised in that moment if your MDP was going to meet Mr Right he HAD to make me laugh! So after spending a little under 60mins I  made my excuses. Such a shame but he bored me shitless ! 

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