F*ck I’m being “breadcrumbed” 

Firstly, is “I’m being breadcrumbed” even a phrase ? YES it bloody well is. So, first things first, what the f is “breadcrumbing”….

I had spoken to this potential suitor for MONTHS and we had met up multiple times, to quantify; we had spoken for about six months and met up six times, now I’m no mathematician but I would say that was on average once every four (sodding) weeks-the fxck?!?! 

Our meetings had been a series of coffees, pizzas and adult sleepovers. 

So who was this guy? And why was he the modern day version of Hansel and Gretel? Sprinkling non commital whatsapps to your MDP….”Hey,you good” (sprinkle), “Yo what’s up” (sprinkle), “you free” sprinkle. 

This guy was the sweetest, tallest, most well endowed (🍆) suitor of the bunch. He was calm, kissed my forehead and made me literally LOL…. so why was he such a flaky fucktard that I have now eliminated from the process… because, it was all about him. He wanted/wants to be needed. To call upon me when and where the need and wants suit him. Is he as kind as I thought?  Not really, playing with my emotions like that! 

We remain on speaking terms but if you are being breadcrumbed then ffs sack that person off… you deserve so much more! 

You could say I’ve developed a wheat allergy, no more breadcrumbing for me! 

Your MDP xxx 

Ps TUNE !!!!!! 

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