Ding bloody dong

So your MDP has been keeping pretty quiet lately.

Update: I am 8 dates in with a dreamy, intelligent and non bailing date (breton stripes).  He is 6’0, is self employed, degree educated, well spoken and your MDP is ticking a lot of things off her list of attributes which need to be associated with a potential modern day Prince Charming  👑 . I should add at this point, we met because of tinder and my amazing colleague taking control of my dating life and swiping for me. Obvs, she knows  my very basic credentials (chocolate and taller than me) but after I rock up for my first date I know that the girl done good-I mean seriously CH take a bow!

By this point you must have gathered I am pretty over this whole thing but breton stripes is cute and at the moment (everything crossed) things are going ok.

So, we ask ourselves… how did we get here and why him?

1) he never bails- this sounds basic but I have been stood up, walked out on and let down left, right and centre throughout my dating history and this man has a plan, which he always sticks too

2) he presents well-articulate, funny, great smile (and teeth) and I could take this one home to meet mum and dad

3)he’s emotionally aware- if I’m having a bad day he asks why and wants to genuinely hear my reply, he knows when to leave me be and actually when I just need a cuddle (nawwww)

4)he is a great communicator- he calls me, he replies promptly to my messages and will send me funny quotes or memes throughout the day (I have even received a “this is so us” comment…yikes there is an “us” and a “we”)

5)we have very similar morals and beliefs- it goes as deep as the fact he is a feminist (hallelujah), and is as shallow as we both believe in private schooling, plus we always go halves on dates (something we both believe in)

6) he loves his family and is respectful of women- his mum is a very strong presence in his life and she is successful in her own right (hence the feminist belief s). Also the whole PMT thing he is a legend with and will back off for a week and just tell me how pretty I am and stroke my hair (haha!)

7) he plans ahead-he confirms the next date quickly after the last. We even have a family BBQ and evening away booked in…three weeks in advance!

8) he is complimentary- this isn’t a regular thing, it is sporadic and unexpected and sometimes his comments knock me off my feet… plus he is sincere

9) he works hard- he is focused and determined and sets a good example to others

10) he is a good spooner (I will leave that there)

So yeah, he is pretty great and I have waited over a year to even remotely have a connection with someone. Long may it continue! Will keep you updated….

Your MDP



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